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In a dramatic change of character, the gold mining stocks have become the stock market’s #1 performing (RSI) industry as of late.

These are not recommendations.  Please do your own due diligence.  The following stocks from this industry have broken above their 50, 200, and 500 day moving averages as of late after a long period of “base” and “consolidation” which usually is indicative of strong future returns. A lot of them are up a lot recently so don’t just go chasing performance.  Look at PE and EPS as well.  These are high-risk, potentially high reward plays.  A lot of these have been through very difficult times recently likely making them more lean, and ready to turn around with a continued advance in gold prices.

  • SA
  • AU
  • XRA
  • AKG
  • GSV
  • AXU
  • SBGL
  • LSG


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